Presentime is a registered trademark of Closer.

Closer is an IT Company that was setup in 2006 with the mission to challenge complexity. We gathered a team of seasoned IT professionals to offer our clients different approaches and new perspectives. We had the courage to combine hard work and knowledge by believing that bright people can make the difference.  Soon we earned the trust of major national companies.

Since we chose to invest in R&D. We focused on quick-win solutions in BI, Risk Management and Compliance. In 2009 we realized we had to get out of our comfort zone, as we were about to face a big revolution: Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data and Social Networking. At the same time our clients’ businesses were struggling, managing shrinking budgets and less willing to invest in those technologies. To us those were exactly the right times to invest in innovation in order to help them to keep up and thrive.

Today we are harvesting the fruits of that believe by creating solid proven solutions and engaging in those areas.